The Perfect Choice of Wine

To enjoy them to the fullest, it is important that wine and food are compatible with each other and do not compete in terms of taste. The right wine can help to highlight a dish and emphasize its qualities, and vice versa. Here are some recommendations:

“Our guests appreciate and love this Eisacktal Valley classic: Kerner combines fruity notes with a pleasant acidity, unlike almost all other wines from the region. It is delicately aromatic and has the characteristic tone of Muscat – perfect with wild herb salads and many other light appetizers.”

“Riesling is fascinating, not only for its characteristic acidity, but also its long history, which goes back at our establishment to the 15th and 16th centuries. Riesling combines the aromas of peach and apple with clear mineral notes, and serves as an excellent accompaniment for the Eisacktal Valley speckled trout, on a warm summer evening!”

“Gewürztraminer has been documented in South Tyrol/Südtirol since the 11th century. A bright straw-golden yellow in color, it is distinguished by its mild acidity. The aroma of Gewürztraminer is reminiscent of rose, acacia blossom and violet - a selection of South Tyrolean cheeses is ideal for elegantly emphasizing this wine.”

“There has been a lot of speculation about its background. But in regard to its taste, everyone is in agreement: mild, balanced, with nuances of fern and elderberry. The soil types of the Eisacktal Valley lend this grape variety its special qualities and distinctive taste – a fresh, organic goat's cheese brings sensory perfection to this wine.”

Michael Falk
Sommelier, Hotel Elephant

Grüner Veltliner
“My favorite is Grüner Veltliner, which is only available in limited quantities. With its full-bodied fruity taste and lively acidity, and with increasing maturity, additional notes of spicy nutmeg and pepper, it is excellent accompaniment to a variety of dishes, preferably freshwater fish such as trout or char. When it comes to regional cuisine, Grüner Veltliner goes very well with calf's head with onions and vinegar or stockfish gröstl with herb salad, as well as with trout and boiled potatoes. Thanks to the inherited aromatic notes of Traminer, it also harmonizes particularly well with Asian cuisine, for example Vietnamese chicken curry and rice, or won ton with sweet and sour sauce."

Georg Franz Holzer

Müller Thurgau
“A fresh, fruity white wine with light notes of nutmeg, lemon balm and a fine spicy finish. A brilliant summer wine for serving as an aperitif.”

“An elegant, forceful, dry white wine with lovely notes of apple and pear, and once matured, light peach notes.
A wine with fine mineral notes and a juicy finish, and potential for long-term storage. 
A great combination of wine and food: serve with veal tongue on bacon dumpling carpaccio with radish vinaigrette, or stuffed breast of veal.”

“In recent years, due to its fresh, spicy, classical properties – with light notes of apricot, nettles and ripe apple - it has matured into a successful wine in the Eistacktal Valley. It is a wine that can be served as accompaniment to dinner, or as an aperitif. Excellently suited to Eisacktal Valley schlutzkrapfen, or barley risotto with fresh garden herbs.”

Peter Kantioler