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What are cookies?

In the IT world, HTTP cookies (more commonly known as Web cookies, tracking cookies or simply cookies) are lines of text used to perform automatic authentication, for tracing of sessions and to store in memory specific information about users who access the server (such as, for example, his or her preferred sites or, in the case of purchases via the internet, the content of his or her "shopping cart").

More specifically, cookies consist of small strings of text sent by a server to a Web client (usually a browser) and then returned by the Web client to the server (without modification) each time the Web accesses the same part of the Web domain. Each domain (or portion of a domain) that the user visits using the browser may generate one or more cookies. And since a typical internet page (for example an on-line newspaper) contains objects coming from multiple different domains, and each of these domains may generate cookies, it is normal that a user's browser can contain hundreds of cookies.

How can I control cookies?

Users may control and/or verify cookies at any time as desired. For more information, visit You may cancel any cookies that are already present in your computer and set up any browser to block their installation. However, if you select this option, certain preferences must be modified manually every time you access the site; in addition, certain services and/or functions may no longer be available.

What type of cookies do we use?

This web site does not use profiling cookies.

This Site utilizes "technical" cookies, which include navigation or session cookies, and are necessary for the operation of the website or to allow the user to access and use the required content and services.

Analytics cookies are used by the web master to understand how the site is utilized by the users. These cookies are not used to collect information concerning the identity of the user, nor any other personal information. The data is processed in aggregate form and anonymously. Analytics cookies include Google Analytics cookies, a web data analysis service operated by Google Inc. ("Google"). The IP address transmitted by Google during the Google Analytics procedure will not connect your IP address to any other information in the possession of Google. In any case, you may block the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate setting in your browser, although it should be remembered that this might prevent you from utilizing all the functions offered by the web site.

For further information concerning Google cookies, please visit